Boarding Agreement_2016_V01– This form is required for all clients.  Once the form is completed, we will keep this form on file, unless you request to make changes to it.  This does NOT have to be completed every visit.  Once we have it on file, you only need to re-do it if you are making changes to your permanent information.

Boarding Check-In Form_2017– The boarding check-in form is required EVERY visit.  This tells us what your pet will need for each particular stay, including feeding instructions, medications, grooming needs, as well as additional treat or play times.

K-9 Camp Application PDF In order to participate in camp, each pet requires a camp application and an evaluation. Please contact us to schedule the evaluation.

Grooming_Check-In Form_2017_V01 In order to better serve your needs, the grooming check in form is required for any full baths, grooms, or cuts.  This helps the groomer understand what you wish for your pet.  This does NOT have to be completed for the standard exit bath.

S.E.T. CLIENT: This form is for our frequent boarders.  If you would like your pet to have particular services the Same Every Time, we encourage you to complete this form.  This will expedite your check in process and allow us to pre-enter your playtime, treat-time, and feeding requests.  This form will remain on file until you  make changes, as such, only permanent medications should be included on this form.  Any non-permanent requests should still be directed to the staff upon check in and included on the boarding check-in form.

Additional Pets_Boarding Agreement Addendum– If you have additional pets that do not fit on the boarding agreement, please complete this addendum so that we may include all of your pets in our system.

Boarding Agreement Addendum-Group Play– Do you have separate play instructions for each of your pets?  Perhaps one enjoys group play and the other prefers VIP.  This addendum will allow us to know which pet(s) you want to participate in group play.

Boarding Agreement Addendum-Medical Information Sheet– Do you have pets of different ages whose medical instructions defer from one another?  If so, please complete this addendum to instruct us on specific instructions for each pet.

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