We offer a variety of training options for our canine pet parents. We offer one on one training, private training, and group classes. Please contact us for more information at the main line: (760) 745-2759 or by email at

We are excited to offer the following training services.  To inquire about pricing or start dates for the group classes, please call us at (760) 745-2759.


Training Type Length Includes
Day Boot Camp 1 hour + daycare Leave your dog for the day.  You can use this as a refresher to any of our training packages.  It is best used in conjunction with or following a boot camp, private training package, or one of our 6 week group classes to maximize the benefits.  This is to reinforce already taught commands and or brush up on areas of weakness.  This is not to introduce new behaviors or commands. (No overnight)
Boot Camp-01 1 week Commands: Sit, down, heel, come, place, & off (on-leash) Free with Package: Exit bath, 2 group tune-ups, 2 private lessons ($230 value) In-kennel tune ups at $15 per day add-on to boarding.


Boot Camp-14 2 weeks Commands: Sit, down, heel, come, place, leave it, off, wait (on-leash).  Free with package: Exit Bath, 4 Group Tune-up classes, and 4 Private classes ($430 value) In-Kennel tune-ups at $10 per day add-on to boarding.
Boot Camp-28 4 weeks Commands: sit, down, heel, come, place, leave it, off, wait.  Off-leash training. Free with package: Exit Bath, 10 Group Tune-Ups, and 6 Private Lessons. ($690 Value) In-Kennel Tune-Up $5 per day add-on to boarding.
Tune- Up Group Class 1 hour Offered twice a month, no commitment.  Stop in to practice your training skills, brush up on commands, and address behavioral concerns.
Puppy Manners

Group Class

6 weeks 30 minutes each introduction to training.  Puppies 10-20 weeks. Clicker Training
Basic Obedience

Group Class

6 weeks 1 hour each.  Commands: Formal & informal heel, sit, down, come, formal recall, place.
Intermediate 6 weeks Must have passed or be able to pass basic obedience test.  This training includes distractions, off-site field trips, and off leash work.
Private Lesson 1 1 hour of one-on-one training with pet owner. Basic obedience commands and specific behavioral modification.
Private Lesson-6 6 classes 6 hours of one-one one training. Includes 2 group tune-up lessons.
Private Lesson-12 12 Classes 12 hours of one on one training.  Includes off Leash work. Includes 4 group tune up lessons.

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