Doggy Daycare/K-9 Camp

K-9 Camp Doggy DAY CARE

K-9 camp is our answer for the busy pet parent.  Up to 6 hours of outside group play in our spacious play yard.  Dogs are evaluated for temperament and play style to ensure that camp is the best option.   A camp counselor is always on hand to supervise play.  Individual kennels are provided during break time.

We feature over an acre in playground facilities.  We have two beautiful synthetic turf play yards.  One with a pool and spray jets for hot days and one with an activity center.  Both are used for K-9 camp.

Camp can be great for young dogs and pups!  Typically pups shouldn’t be left alone for longer than four hours.  They are used to being with their litter and having their mom’s supervision.  Your pups is constantly learning and K-9 camp will help him/her get an early start on interacting with people and other dogs!


  1. Boredom/Destructive behavior: Does your pet suffer from boredom? A bored dog is usually a destructive dog. If your pet is lonely or bored during the day then K-9 camp will provide plenty of activity to stimulate his/her brain and keep him/her fit. A tired dog is a good dog!
  2. Socialization: Dogs are naturally pack animals. If your dog(s) enjoy the company of other dogs, K-9 camp will allow your dog(s) to romp and play with other dogs of like temperament.
  3. Exercise: Does your dog have a surplus of energy? Often times a ten minute walk or ball play is just not enough for these dogs. They not only need the mental stimulation but they also need lengthier interactive play. K-9 camp will allow your dog(s) to burn their energy in a constructive way and in a safe and supervised environment.

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