Do you allow us to have a tour of where the dogs stay?
We believe that as pet parents, you must feel comfortable with where your 4-legged family member is staying, as such we do give tours regularly to allow prospective clients to see with their own eyes the accommodations we provide.  It is recommended that you call ahead as tours are difficult during peak office hours.

How will my pet react to boarding?
First time boarders have an adjustment period.  Depending on your pet’s age and temperament, this period can be anywhere from a few hours to a day or two.  Younger pets tend to adjust rapidly and enjoy the activities around the kennel.  If your pet is over the age of eight or is extra anxious, please speak with our staff prior to boarding.

How do you charge for boarding?
Our daily rates are per calendar day.  Our check out time Monday-Friday is 10am as a courtesy to our guests.  This early check-out time is not applicable on Saturday’s and Sundays and these days always count as a full day of boarding, regardless of the pick up time.  We have structured our hotel much like a human hotel, while providing more care for our 4-legged guests.

What are the guidelines for check-in and check-out?
Your dog(s) may be dropped off anytime during our normal business hours.  We prefer that they arrive for drop-off at least an hour before closing in order to allow them to settle in.  This gives our staff an opportunity to observe them to ensure their vacation arrangements are fitting to their needs.  Charges accrue beginning at the date of drop off regardless of arrival time. Check out time is 10 a.m. Monday-Friday.  All pets picked up after 10 a.m. Monday-Friday will be charged for an additional day.  Saturday and Sunday pick-up always includes boarding charges for the day.

Where do my pets stay when boarding?
Our canine guests have a “bedroom” for sleeping, eating, and relaxing.  They also have access to their own private outdoor play area throughout the day.  Please ask our staff about additional playtime services for your pet.

Our Feline guests have their own Kitty Room, Kitty Condo or Kitty Suite for sleeping, eating, and relaxing.  Please ask our staff about playtime services for your cat!

Can my pets stay together during boarding?
Dogs or cats from the same family can be boarded together, space and temperament permitting.  Dogs and Cats cannot be boarded in the same accommodations.

Will you provide food?
We are happy to dish up our “house diet”, which consists of Nature’s Domain Grain Free Salmon Formula and Kirkland Canned “gravy” (if your pet has allergies or special needs, please discuss this with our staff)

Can I bring my own food for my pet?
Yes you may.  The food must be packaged in Ziploc bags per feeding.   These pre-portioned packages are easier to store and dispense.  It is recommended you bring a day or two extra in the event you are unable to make your scheduled pick-up date.

For example, if your pet is staying with us for 3 days and your pet eats one cup once a day, you would need to bring 3 Ziploc bags, each with one cup of food ready to dispense.  If your pet is staying 3 days and eats twice a day, you would bring 6 bags with the exact amount of dry food ready for feeding.  We do have a refrigerator if your pets diet requires it.  There may be additional charges for food brought in large containers or not portioned into separate feedings.

Can we bring blankets, beds, toys for our pets?
We are happy to provide house bedding and toys and prefer to use our items to keep yours from getting damaged or lost!  While we understand your pet may have a favorite blanket, we run about 10 commercial loads of laundry a day and there is a good chance yours getting misplaced in our daily housekeeping activities.

Why are my dogs thirsty when they come home?
While the dogs always have access to water while they are staying with us, they play more than usual. As such, they drink more water than normal.

Why are my dogs tired when they come home?
Doggy Day camp dogs get a full day of fun. Running, jumping, and playing keeps them going all day long, but as the saying goes a tired dog is a good dog. Dogs that are vacationing with us also have activity filled days.   It usually takes 24-48 hours for them to get out of vacation mode.

Why do my pets require an exit bath?
Boarded pets do not stay as clean as they do at home for several reasons.  Dogs are very active in the kennel.  Our staff is vigilant about scooping and cleaning, but dogs may soil their feet or coat and we want to send them home fresh and clean!

Cats who are away from home are more likely to sleep in their litter box since it has their own scent and feels more comfortable; but they may not clean themselves sufficiently and we want to keep them fresh and clean!

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